Deeper Than the Garment

Check out Deeper than the Garment project and the current initiatives we are working on:

The Detroit Youth Initiative

The Detroit Youth Initiative is founded by the founder of Trappinn. The Brand to reach as many youth through our brands, fashion, popular culture and music and provide a positive impact. We are here to change the narrative. By providing ways , outlet and resources for the youth to engage in what we call LEGAL TRAPPINN. such as covering fees for entry and transportation from and to vendor shows, sneaker shows and such. Educating on the dangers of Lean and other drugs. Helping find different outlets for emotion and for entertainment than drugs. 

The Detroit Home Initiative

The Detroit Home Initiative is founded by the founder of Trappinn. The brand. It is an initiative to aid and support black homeowners and people of underprivileged communities in this improving their homes thus improving the neighborhood and the communities  they live in.

The Detroit Business Initiative

The Detroit Business Initiative is founded by the founder of Trappinn The Brand. targets and aids operating businesses in underprivileged communities with items such as websites and marketing. Signs and customer interaction.  

Please support our initiative by donating or by purchasing a TRAPPINN. garment ! Thank you