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This is officially TRAPPINN. first logo and TRAPPINN'S official logo. 

The TRAPPINN. "lean" cup or TRAPPINN. cup logo represents so much. 

I was inspired by the Texas music movement lead by RIP DJ Screw. As I am growing up lean is everywhere around me wether it be in music videos, people I know consuming it, it being offered to me....etc I was also in need of an actual representation of the artist who made the cup logo @contactdlean who goes by the name Dlean. It was his first official collaboration with TRAPPINN. The BRAND so TRAPPINNxDLean. So I put all that in my mind and so the logo was born. I came to my friend with the idea and we made it happen.

Design and idea by @trappinnismyhobby

Artwork by @contactdlean 

"The logo attracts the crowd we hope to save-trappinnismyhobby "

Promethazine or lean or Texas tea, purple drank, dirty sprite...etc is called many names but usually ends up with the same results after overconsumption and that is death and or kidney failure or seizures...etc 

Codeine-related deaths have increased by almost 25% in the past year to a record high, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Therefore we do not encourage the purchase of lean for any purposes other than medical and prescribed by a licensed doctor or to dump it down the drain. We do not encourage consumption of Lean for any purposes other than medical purposes which is prescribed by a licensed doctor.

It's just that Lean is integrated in every aspect of the TRAP/hiphop culture whether it be the music or gatherings. It's a staple, Lean will be present or talked about. Also the aesthetics of Lean and the pop or other drinks that it is mixed with makes it appealing to the younger generation making it a cool drug. But we are here to let you know it is not. It is highly addictive and can be deadly. We are here to spread awareness on our site and other outlets such as informational print items which we distribute when we are on the road educating on the negative side effects of Lean and the current death rates from lean. 

Facts about Lean

Analysis shows that 212 people died of drug poisoning from codeine in 2020, up from 167 in 2019, 169 in 2018 and 156 in 2017. The latest figure is the highest number of deaths from the drug in a calendar year since records began in 1993, and more than double the number from ten years ago, when 91 people died from codeine.

Possible Consequences Of Drinking Lean

Despite how its been romanticized in popular culture, drinking Lean comes with a host of side effects and negatives outcomes, some of which are listed below.

  • Dizziness
  • Slowed heart rate
  • Slowed breathing
  • Constipation
  • Dental decay
  • Weight gain
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Impaired vision
  • Memory loss
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures (in at-risk individuals)

***Mixing the cough syrup with alcohol makes the drink even more dangerous.

Death in HipHop culture from Lean:


A$AP Yams was pronounced dead back in at the age of 26-year-old cofounder of the A$AP Mob and one of the most promising young moguls in the game.

Check out this tweet below for the actual cause of death:

Sad news: Chief Medical Examiner calls ASAP Yams's death accident caused by acute mixed drug intoxication (incl. opiates & benzodiazepine) — Jon Caramanica (@joncaramanica) March 19, 2015


On 16 November 2000, DJ Screw, aged 29, was found dead in his studio after overdosing on codeine, valium, and phencyclidine, also known as Angel Dust.

Big Moe

Big Moe died due to a heart attack-induced coma. Although his death wasn’t directly connected to codeine, it’s believed that his long-term consumption of purple drank may have contributed to the heart attack.

Pimp C

In December 2007, Pimp C was in California working on new music when he was found dead in a hotel room. The coroner’s report said that the death was due to a combination of overdosing on purple drank and his sleep apnea condition.

Rappers who struggled with Lean:

Lil Wayne


In a June 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, Future talked about his experience with lean, which he popularized as “Dirty Sprite”. “At first, it wasn’t something that I loved. It wasn’t till I discovered what I loved about it. Some people take drugs and they don’t understand the high. They take it just to be high. It started making me more relaxed. Sometimes you experience anxiety, and it did me some good for that. I don’t feel like I ever abused it. I used it for what I felt was needed.”

While working on his WRLD on Drugs album, young rapper Juice WRLD confessed to Future that his music made him try lean as a child. “When he told me that, I was like ‘Oh shit. What the fuck have I done?'” Future said in an interview with Rolling Stone in January 2019. In an earlier interview with Genius.com, Future has confirmed that he has quit lean for good and admitted that he worried about letting his fans know, fearing a backlash after making so many codeine-fueled tracks.


In a 2011 interview with Vibe Magazine, 2 Chainz said about his favourite drink, “I’ve probably been drinking since maybe 2007, so it’s a little different for me because it wasn’t well-known, but the truth about promethazine/codeine is that it’s a pharmaceutical drug. No one makes it in a tub or anything. Moderate use is cool but I think that’s hard for people to do that. But I definitely don’t promote people using it.”


In 2013 in an interview with English DJ Tim Westwood, who runs YouTube channel TimWestwoodTv, Danny Brown talked about weight gain and issued a PSA against Lean. Lean by recipe has a lot of sugar in it from the soda, the cough syrup, and the hard candy, if any is added. Using Gucci Mane as an example, he talked about being constipated and bloated when one drinks too much lean. And once you quit lean, he revealed it will be an all-out flood-gates-open diarrhea. “So, don’t drink lean, kids, don’t drink lean. I don’t think it should be a drug that’s glorified. It’s liquid heroin, it’s an opiate"


Check out this tweet below from TMZ

He nearly died three or four times from drinking lean and says it's 'f*cked up a lot of rappers and the culture of hip-hop.' He says users don't realize something that tastes like Kool-Aid can be so addictive.

Gucci Mane

In an interview with Highly Questionable of ESPN in January 2017, Gucci Mane reflected about his past mental health issues and lean addiction, which made him bloated and gain weight. He was drinking lean every day for around seven years and he said the drying up process was “indescribable and terrible”.



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